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Experience, Trust, and Expertise Combined.

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Delivery Method

Clients can choose remotely, onsite or Cloud accounting. Whichever method that is best for you.

We are Charterd accountants with over a decade experience in Small to medium size business, 


We provide wide variety of accounting and Taxation needs for all our clients. Services includes Accounting, Booking Keeping, VAT, Payroll, Business developments and consulting, Charity accounting and Independent Examination. Financial Analysis and Management Accounting.

At Lucricious Pratt Co, we are a team of Chartered Certified Accountants with a proven track record of delivering tailored Accounting, Taxation, Business Advisory, and Consulting services for more than a decade. 


Our wealth of experience encompasses various business structures, including Companies, SMEs, self-employed individuals, partnerships, Public Sector, Social Enterprises, and Charities. Our experience across these sectors equips us with the insight and expertise needed to navigate the specific challenges and opportunities each industry presents for our clients.


We recognise that every business is unique, and that is why we specialise in crafting personalised solutions that align precisely with your distinct needs and aspirations. We focus on strategic growth and development of businesses. 


 All our services are strategically designed to empower our clients in establishing and sustaining consistent business growth and prosperity. 


Passion drives us, and this is evident in our commitment to sound accounting practices and effective tax optimisation for all our clients. We place great emphasis on compliance with regulatory standards, ensuring that your financial affairs are managed in full accordance with the law.


Lucricious Pratt & Co. has a rich history of providing services and collaborating with a diverse array of industries.

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